Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands, Fengshui Trail

Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore, under the operation of Las Vegas Sands. To date, Marina Bay Sands has not only become one of the top tourist attractions in Singapore , it also draw the attention of many Singaporeans and fengshui masters  with its prominent and state-of-the art architectures including Sky Park and its infinity pools, hotel towers, and ArtScience Museum.

Some said that the official date was delayed in order accommodate an auspicious date. Some said that the direction of the sky park pointing outwards is meant to draw money out of Singapore. Whether it is on purpose or pure coincidence, nobody know for sure if a foreign multinational company really incorporate fengshui elements into its architecture or business operations. Nevertheless, our team has found out several interesting fengshui elements within Marina Bay Sands. Believe it or not, it’s up to individual!

Disclaimer: This information is mainly for academic purpose. Do enjoy reading and take it as a pinch of salt! =)

Credits:  Published by ProsperTimes,, written by Master Lim Eng Cheong

 Bird-eye view of Marina Bay Sands Architecture

According to Master Lim, the author of Prosper Time magazine, he shared his fengshui perspective of the overview of Marina Bay Sands architecture.  In Fengshui perspective, architecture generally looks out for 4 Celestial Animals (左青龙,右白虎,前朱雀,后 玄武). The left side of building is known as the Green Dragon, the right side as the White Tiger, the front as the Red Phoenix, and the back of the building as the Black Tortoise. In plain text, akin to the design of an armchair, it is about having a balanced left and right building, a low-lying and flat front, and a high back.

With the completion of ArtScience Museum, the 4 Celestial Animals become more apparent in the overview of Marina Bay Sands. With Marina Bay Sands facing towards the financial districts of Singapore, there is a river situated in between where it could represents the Red Phoenix (前朱雀) – a low-lying and flat front. On its left, the building with Sands Expo and Convention Center, Casino and Theatres presents a long and curvy Green Dragon (左青龙) while on the left side the ArtScience Museum presents the White Tiger (右白虎). Lastly, the supporting high back is non-other than the hotel towers which presents the Black Tortoise (后 玄武).

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Towers

Ancestral tablets? Scholar Hats? Or does it look like a Chinese character, 山 (mountain)? Many people have different perspectives on what the Marina Bay Sands Hotel towers look like. “If you think that it’s a lion, then it’s not a tiger”, said Master Lim. Akin to appreciating a piece of artwork, perspectives are up to individual. Whatever it may look like to different individuals, this magnificent building sitting on the shores of Singapore has definitely plays a big part in beautifying our city.

Interesting Fengshui elements about Marina Bay Sands Casino

We began our trail starting from the main entrance of The Shoppes @ Marina Bay Sands at West direction (see point 1 on the floor map).

We managed to find our second entrance, The Garden Bay Bridge situated at the Southeast direction, after a long walk.

Finally, we have reached the furthest entrance situated on the North direction, the entrance from Helix Bridge where it allows visitors to enter Marina Bay Sands through the Helix Bridge.

So what is so special about these 3 entrances? According to Master Lim, these entrances are situated around the casino where it linked up to become an auspicious Flying Star Feng Shui formation known as “7 Star Robbery” (七星打劫法). This is said to be an extremely auspicious formation that would bring fortune to Marina Bay Sands for 180 years.  Perhaps it is a bad news for casino visitors?

ArtScience Museum

There are many different fengshui perspectives to this newly built building. While this building can be considered as one of the 4 Celestial Animals (as mentioned earlier), some deem that this “Lotus Flower” building symbolizes the wood element that harmonizes the relationship with the water element in the North direction. Other said that Lotus represents purity and it serves as a reminder that one should not be blinded by money.

It is also been said by Master Lim that the building symbolizes the palm of 2 hands (10 fingers) cupping together in a receiving gesture towards the sky, channeling rainwater to the bottom of the building; a subtle way to connect Heaven and Earth and Man energies.

So what is your perspective?


Swirling Vortex

A stand-alone art installation named Rain Oculus, created by Ned Kahn can be found directly in front of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands entrance leading to event plaza. The practical usage of this Vortex is used to collect rainwater that run 2 stories below. In fengshui perspective, it creates energy where wealth/fortune being collected as rainwater is commonly known as wealth.


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