Singapore Flyer

Brief Background of Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel and also one of Asia’s biggest tourist attract, standing at a height of 165m and reaches 42 stories high. It was constructed from September 2005-2008, and started rotating on 11 February 2008 before officially opened to public on 1 March 2008. It’s grand opening was held on 15 April 2008.

We visited Singapore Flyer on 28 February 2012 in hope of finding the feng shui changes that we have understood from the article written from a tour with Master Vincent Koh. The changes are as explained and shown below:

Changes to Singapore Flyer

1. Directional Change
During the initial operation, Singapore Flyer was set to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction, facing the business district when rising and overlooking the sea when going down. This meant it was turning its back on the financial district which is not good for Singapore’s economy as it is drawing fortune and “qi” (energy) away from the country.

With the convince from Feng Shui masters and the Chinese philosophy of feng shui – a belief of arranging elements of the environment to promote fortune and well-being, the management conducted a directional change since 28 July 2008 towards the financial center, signifying collecting fortune for the country. Since then, visitors are able to reminisces the past, rejoice in the present and anticipate the future.

2. Relocation of main entrance
From the article, Master Vincent Koh pointed out that during the design phase of Singapore Flyer, as the developers and management did not sought for any consultation regarding Feng Shui, the original main entrance was small and located adjacent to the laundry service area. The picture below shows the initial entrance, which was rebuilt to be a covered food court to enhance the flow of the “qi”, increasing market opportunities.

The main entrance was then relocated to its current position, together with the circular roundabout for vehicles. This signifies that with the movement of the vehicles, it would energize the entrance and at the same time, every time passengers alight, it has the effect of holding the “qi” and encourage it to enter the main entrance of Singapre Flyer. Not only this, additional parking was created to contain “qi” within the area.

3. Removing of water fountain.
Looking at the map below, in front of the main entrance, it used to have a water fountain to welcome visitors to Singapore Flyer.

However, as what Master Koh has pointed out, the “qi” of the Singapore Flyer does not support the water feature as it is situated in the center of the circular roundabout. Hence, a colorful garden bed was replaced together with a large “Welcome to Singapore Flyer” to welcome the visitors upon the arrival. This is believed to be able to retain the “qi” and bring in more businesses to Singapore Flyer.

With these changes found during our tour, we ended our day, feeling pleased that we have gotten more in-depth information relating to feng shui and architecture.


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